As of next Wednesday (17th April 2019), BBB are launching their weekly MailBBBox where fans and boxers come together.

Rather than having just Andrew and Steven answering questions (let’s face it you get that on the podcast), we have gathered together a collection of professional boxers, promoters and trainers to give their answers to your questions!

If you have any questions you’d like answered, predictions, opinions on previous fights or anything to do with the world of boxing, send them to us at any time.

Every Wednesday we will publish the MailBBBox on

We’ve decided on a Wednesday so topical questions about the previous weekend’s boxing and anything coming up will all be relevant.  Once you’ve sent your question, don’t forget to check to see who from the world of boxing has given their reply.

We take questions across all platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Just use #MailBBBox in your question and we will know what to do with it!