Boxxer show: Wembley Ovo Arena 26th March 2022

Richard Riakporhe put in the most impressive performance of his career so far on Saturday night, in a Cruiserweight contest at the Ovo Arena in Wembley. A late switch of opponent to the very much competitive Deion Jumah will have caused some headaches in the camp but Riakporhe took care of business in impressive fashion. Sky and Boxxer have thrown in big with Riakporhe and some of his recent performances have not lived up to the hype but this was exactly what all invested parties would have wanted from him. Sporting a new (to me at least) nickname “The Midnight Train” Riakhpore came to the ring to a chorus of “Glad all over” and a lot of noise from the Crystal Palace fans in attendance. Jumah had also shifted a fair few tickets and it made for a good atmosphere.


Jumah gave a good account of himself and tried to get inside on the taller man but to little effect. Jumah was knocked down hard in the 4th by a straight right and was in real trouble but managed to make it to the bell. Jumah recovered well and continued to give Riakhpore problems but Riakporhe, who looked a heavyweight next to Jumah was always landing the more telling blows. The deal was sealed in the 8th when another big right hand  to the solar plexus felled Jumah once more and kept him on all fours for the full count. An impressive outing from Riakporhe and time to get aboard the Midnight Train, it could be going anywhere.

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/Boxxer

It’s hard to judge how good Adam Azim is at the moment because his fight with Connor Marsden at Lightweight only lasted 58 seconds and most of that was the referee checking on Marsden. A left hook in the first ten seconds dropped Marsden and then another one once he’d got up, finished the flight. He’s clearly fast, heavy handed and throws like the opponent stole something from him. One to watch for sure although it might be tricky to find opponents to give him rounds.

The most competitive fight of the night was Harry Scarff against Louis Greene. Greene was always in the fight and pushed Scarff all the way but in the end Scarff deserved the UD victory in this 10 rounder for the English Welterweight title.

Caroline Dubois also notched a quick victory against the unfortunate Martina Horgazs where two vicious body shots ended the fight in the 1st round.  Caroline looks the real deal and the only obvious downside at the moment is that it’s yet another rendition of “Sweet Caroline” as she walks to the ring but I suppose that’s forgivable in the circumstances.

Again I failed to make it to a pub in Wembley but did scrape into the Mossy Well in Muswell Hill just before last orders for a couple of pints of Punk IPA. It’s a far more agreeable pub than the average Wetherspoons but you’re going to have to take a bus or Uber to get there cos there’s no tube station.

Iain Dolan @iain_dolan

Richard “The Midnight Train” Riakporhe: Start Believing.