Boxing can be an incredibly frustrating and confusing sport to follow.  Not to worry!  BBB has prepared a helpful A-Z of modern boxing terms to help even the most casual fan know what is going on. 

We’ve picked one word for each letter – of course there are many more! 

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Awkward – adj

E.g. “He was a lot more awkward than I expected”

Let’s start off with a backhanded boxing compliment.  The classic tactic of downplaying an opponent’s skillset to make yourself feel better.  Roughly translated, this is basically admitting your – usually overmatched – opponent was too elusive and defensively sound for you to do any damage.  This level of description would be too complimentary.  It is far easier to suggest the opponent has some anti-boxing level of “awkwardness”, rather than acknowledging he didn’t just stand there and let you hit him.

Bomber – noun

E.g “The Bomber tattooed on his back is of course a reference to his potent punch power and not in anyway insensitive to the tragedy which unfolded in this arena when Ariana Grande performed.  Manchester we will never forget

Ahh the old classic.  Many boxing fans are more than familiar with the concept of the Bomber nickname, Tony Bellew sharing the mantle with the likes of Herrol Graham and other derivatives such as Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder and our very own Benwell equivalent, Joe Laws.  There is also the lesser known Zimbabwe super-welterweight, Automatic Bomber but I’m not sure if that is his actual name or not.  The rationale behind the nickname is seemingly obvious.  The bombs in question are explosive punches that figuratively detonate on impact with the opponent’s chin.  Quite why Adam Smith felt the need to explain the inexplicable, only he knows.

Champion – noun

E.g “Aaaaaand the new CHAMPION of the world”

Another term that should be self-explanatory, and would be in any other world but boxing.  At the last count, there are at least 5 “World Champions” in each weight class.  The legitimacy of some of the claims is frankly laughable.  Yet, we as fans are often fed the narrative that all of these men and women are somehow all the best in the world.  Boxers don’t like hearing that it is easier than ever to win a world title, yet with the right backing and promotion, that is ultimately the case.  Many, many boxers can call themselves champion of the world, without ever being anywhere near the number one fighter in their division.

DAZN – proper noun

“DAZN is really paying off for £1.99 per month”

I’ll admit I’m struggling to find something potentially witty or remotely funny beginning with D that relates to modern boxing and isn’t just Dereck Chisora or Dillian Whyte.  DAZN (or subscription apps of its kind) do genuinely provide a viable alternative to BT or Sky on this side of the pond.  If they can add to their boxing content and finally do away with the PPV model completely they could end up taking over the sport.  In the digital age of smart TVs and whatnot, this sort of viewing could very well be the future.  And that isn’t just because you can sign up via our link here.  Honest.

Eddie Hearn – proper noun

E.g “Eddie Hearn has saved boxing”

We couldn’t do an A-Z of British boxing and not mention the man.  Depending on who you interact with, you’ll get a very different response to mention of the Matchroom supremo.  His almost cult-like following will tell you he is solely responsible for everything good in boxing, while his haters will swear he is worse than Satan himself.  As with anything, the truth lies somewhere in the middle and while Hearn has done great things and (most importantly) remains incredibly popular with the boxers, his words need to be taken with a pinch of salt. His NoContext memes are top notch mind…

Frank Warren – Proper Noun

E.g “Frank Warren’s show finished before midnight”

You can’t have one without the other.  Black and white, rough and smooth, Hearn and Warren go together – and rub against each other – as infamously as any other pairing.  Warren has experience and longevity in abundance.  His eye for talent and ability to develop is almost unrivalled.  Some will tell you that the game has moved on and left him behind, in the age of social media and self-promotion.  While many (Matchroom fans in particular) may mock, he deserves huge amounts of respect for what he has achieved and the champions he has produced.



Letters G-K will be coming soon…


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