So what is new with Round4Pound?


Sign Up

The main feature is that users can now sign up and create their very own account.  This saves players entering contact details after every set of predictions and means players can track their own predictions once they’ve been made.  Woohoo! This was one of the biggest issues with the original version according to our research, so was the main aspect we wanted to change.

Check Predictions (past and present)

As well as being able to view your current predictions, there is also a section towards the bottom where you can see your previous entries (once we’ve done a few Rounds anyway) and a breakdown of how you’ve scored your points.

The prediction page itself has changed too.  It is – what we hope – a slicker and much improved version of what was essentially an online survey tool.  We believe the dropdown menus make it easier than ever to make your selections and help feed into the scoring system, from our end.

Automatic scores

Away from what you – the player – see, there is even more development.  The whole process of calculating the scores is now fully automated.  This will obviously help us with the running of the competition as it continues to grow.  It is important to note that this also means that we at BBB don’t have access to your predictions, either editing or viewing.  You will be the only one able to access these.  So make sure you check before you submit (there is a screen advising you of this too).  The results will be entered manually by us and then updated automatically at 2am.  So for example, the first round finishes on Saturday 1st August 2020.  We will enter the results and then the League Table will be updated automatically at 2am.

Thank you!

We have mentioned the growth of R4P and obviously we have very high hopes for our vision.  The only way it will continue to grow is with your help and support.  While we believe we have improved the game no end, we welcome any feedback and, as ever, massively appreciate your involvement.

Thank you to each and every one of you who plays, and shares, Round4Pound!  And if you haven’t yet, you can get involved here.

Andrew & Steven


What is new with Round4Pound?
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