You either know Steve Wraith or you don’t.  You either like him or, errr, you don’t.  He says as much in Every Boy’s Dream.

As a fellow Geordie boxing fan, I nodded along and related to a lot of the trials and tribulations that crop up in this Jamie Boyle written biography.  I daresay that many Newcastle United fans will do the same.  However, even I was surprised to read just how spookily we have one particular memory in common.  Both Steve Wraith and I desperately wanted to attend a Middlesbrough vs Newcastle match.  Both relied on our Dad’s getting tickets and feeling that joy when they were unveiled.  Then seeing that joy tempered as we realised we had to sit in the Boro end!  Both sneakily concealing a Toon top under a jumper then witnessing a 4-1 thrashing in the Tyne-Tees derby.  The fact these events were separated by more than 10 years just shows the eerie inevitability of following Newcastle United. 

As well as a shared passion for all things NUFC, we also share a love of the sweet science.  This book tells the tale of a young man being punched in the face, his introduction to the unlicensed scene, before moving onto staging his own professional shows.  From a dusty old gym to sharing a stage with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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