By George Whitehouse @GDSWhitehouse

Francy Luzoho returns to the ring on Saturday 1st February in Belfast as he aims to bounce back from his loss to Martin Quinn last year.

The Irishman, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, made his debut in 2018 against Sam Jones, a fight which was voted the best in Irish history.

With his next outing edging ever closer, anticipation is building with some suggesting that this next challenge for Luzoho could surpass his debut, a night that he will never forget.

‘My first fight felt amazing it was the best feeling in the world knowing all eyes are on you and I love that. I live for that.’

‘With out a doubt, it was a great fight, thats what I’m here to do, set records for my country and do things that people are afraid to do.’

Despite putting in such a great performance on his debut the Irishman suffered his first loss as a pro where he was beaten on points by Martin Quinn in Dublin last year.

Although the loss was a minor setback for Luzoho he insists that the fight taught him a lot, especially in terms of preparation.

‘I learned so much, one thing most important things is you need to give it everything in the gym.’

‘You can’t afford to leave any stone unturned whether its diet, fitness, mentally, and the people around. Everything has to be pinpoint.’

While he was scheduled to face Stephen Webb, a withdrawal scuppered those plans. Still, Luzoho feels he has done what is necessary.

‘Again all I can say I have left no stone unturned, I’m more than ready. I’ll leave it at that.’

When asked about any future plans after the fight, the young Irishman was keen to play down his future, with his main focus on the fight to come.

‘No not really, I leave it in God’s hands and see what’s next for me.’

Francy Luzoho speaks to George Whitehouse
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