The Good – Boxing fans regularly rejoice when good fights are actually made.  Sure, the dream is to have the best meet the best to ensure elite contests across the globe.  However, a worthwhile consolation prize comes when two prospects are pitched together.  Lee McGregor and Kash Farooq did not disappoint.  The pair of Scots put a lot on the line so early in their respective careers and their reputations were deservedly enhanced as a result.  The iFL and MTK collaboration is working wonders for their small hall product so this fight was not only broadcast free on YouTube, the full show remains available for those who missed it. 

It is such a shame then, that following such an enthralling and entertaining clash, most fans’ fury is directed firmly towards…

The Bad – The issue of judging in boxing is a constant thorn in the sides of almost any high-profile bout going the distance.  It has been a problem for as long as can be remembered, yet boxing appears no closer to resolving it.  The current rules and guidelines lend themselves to controversy and the lack of accountability for specific judges borders on the criminal.  Too many times boxing lets itself down and inconsistent scoring seemingly leads the way, over and over again.

The Funny – From time to time, BBB comes up with an entertaining innovation and our newly introduced “GIFt Decision” certainly didn’t disappoint this week.  Check out some of the brilliant responses to our question and find out who is doing what for Anthony Joshua’s rematch against unified champ Andy Ruiz.

The Good, the Bad and the Funny – 20th November 2019
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