Every so often BBB provides us with an opportunity or moment that leaves us wondering how we have ended up here.  That was exactly how to describe our most recent interview, with published author Jamie Boyle.  Our discussion was immensely fascinating.  Both getting to know how Jamie became involved in writing (“It was completely by accident!”) and just what it is that piques his interest.

Jamie, who never envisaged a career as an author, hails from Middlesbrough and his roots have certainly played a part in some of his subjects.  The Whole of the Moon tells the story of Middlesbrough hard-man Lee Duffy and his criminally short life.

“I’m from Middlesbrough so I’ve known about him for years” Boyle notes about telling story of Duffy’s ‘reign of terror over the town of Middlesbrough’.

Although Boyle, admitted that boxing is a very niche market for literature, he has been drawn back into the sport.  Following on from his Tales of Pugilism comes his latest foray into boxing, and the reason for our call.  Into The Light: Dominic Negus promises to be a deeply emotional and gripping tale.  Listening to Jamie speak, it is clear to see that he understands the frustrations and regrets of the book’s subject.  Former professional boxer Dominic Negus harbours remorse that he didn’t really do himself justice in the ring.  A highly touted talent who ultimately failed to live up to his potential.  He flitted between Cruiser and Heavyweight and even shared the ring with world title challenger Audley Harrison but this all too familiar tale shares details of Negus’ dealings outside of the ring, as well as his promise inside the squared circle.

“Dominic would end up sorting other people’s problems outside the ring.  [they] would ask him to go get their £5000 and he’d go.” This brief anecdote hints at the nature of what lies within the pages of Into The Light and shines a light (pardon the pun) on just what sort of distractions lured Negus away from boxing success.

Into The Light: Dominic Negus is available on Amazon here.

Bestselling Author Speaks to BBB
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