Williamson: They will know ‘The Trojan’ this year


Unbeaten middleweight Troy Williamson is ready to take on all-comers as he looks to establish himself as one of the leading lights of the division.

‘Trojan’ (8-0-1-KO5) rounded off 2018 with a comfortable victory over 50-win Rafael Jackiewicz in Manchester and is determined for 2019 to become his breakthrough year in terms of exposure.

Williamson was held to a controversial draw by former amateur rival Jack Flatley in June but in addition to hunting the big names, the Darlington man is happy to settle that particular score.

Williamson said: “If there was a title opportunity in the pipeline before the Flatley rematch then I’d jump at it and grab it with both hands. If Flatley was offered first, I’d grab that with both hands too. I just want to start climbing the rankings and looking for the titles.

“I’ll be keeping a close eye on the other middleweights on there. In some ways, I’m just a novice but when the time comes, I’ll snap up any kind of title fights as soon as I’m offered them.

“I don’t stop improving. You never stop learning. Once you do, it’s time to get out of the game. I’ve been tightening up my defence and punching in bunches. I’m looking to show how hungry I am on Saturday night.

“My perfect 2019 would be to end it unbeaten with a title to my name. Titles open doors and earn opportunities. I want everybody to know who ‘The Trojan’ is by the end of next year.”

News of Williamson’s next assignment will be coming soon.

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Williamson – Everyone will know ‘The Trojan’ this year