Here at British Boxing Blog, we pride ourselves on the coverage we offer all levels of the sport. Yet, when we were offered the chance to interview a bare-knuckle practitioner we were a little hesitant.  For one, we have enough on our hands covering the professional (gloved) side of the sport.  Secondly, the only real experience I have of bare knuckle boxing was watching a documentary about James “Gypsy Boy” McCrory where he fought for a world title in the back room of a pub, surrounded by hay bails.  Now, I’m not saying this environment doesn’t still exist however the world of Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing is very far removed from how many perceive the sport.

Combatants square off in a ring, just as in ‘normal’ boxing and reassuringly there are medical staff and a doctor ringside to ensure fighters are well looked after.  One main difference between the codes is that any knockdown results in a 20 second count rather than the more traditional 10.


Bare knuckle boxing is fast on the rise around the world and it’s emergence is no different in the UK.  One young man who is excited about the sport’s popularity is Luke Nevin.  We spoke to Luke ahead of his debut on the UBKB show in Manchester on 4th August 2018.  We found out all about his preparation, as well as how the former Army Boxer found his way into the bare knuckle world.  Luke was as affable and friendly as any professional boxer we’ve spoken to.  He spoke honestly about his ambitions and gave great insight on some of the key differences between the codes.

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