It’s been a while since we have formally done a Gym Visit.

It was very much worth the wait as one half of BBB caught up with Imran Naeem in Stockton, earlier this week.

While Imran has been at the gym for almost 18 years, the facilities look brand new.

And with good reason!  Having originally only needed a “lick of paint”, the perfectionist in Imran oversaw a full revamp.  The modernisation of the gym reflects the progress both Imran and his boxers have made in recent times.


As well as being home for several professional boxers, flyweight prospect Joe Maphosa and Cruiserweight Simon Valilly were present when we were, the gym was thriving with amateur hopefuls.  Lots of boxing establishments, including those we have visited, pride themselves on their community work and inclusivity.  However, NPBA work hard to encourage those from all walks of life.  And that effort is evident in the cultural diversity of the members.

We do focus predominantly on the professional side of the game however, so it was a great pleasure to hear Imran’s views on his current stable and former charges Josh and Kalam Leather.  Joe and Simon were also kind enough to share their thoughts and future hopes.









Gym Visits: Natural Progression Boxing Academy