By Iain Dolan

Anthony Yarde was given a thorough workout by France’s Tony Averlant at York Hall on Saturday night. IMG_3011While never in danger of winning the fight, or even a round of the light heavyweight contest, Avelant gave Yarde plenty to think about. He moved well, covered up and even came back with occasional overhand rights to which Yarde looked quite vulnerable. Yarde stalked his man relentlessly and landed plenty from both hands without ever really managing to cut the ring off or seriously hurt the game Frenchman. This was until the 6th round when Averlant was dropped twice by brutal body shots that Yarde picked to perfection. He bravely beat the count on both occasions and there were calls from ringside that he’d taken enough but neither ref nor corner concurred. Averlant was sent out to take more punishment in the 7th and Yarde looked for the coup de grace. Again the brave Averlant survived the onslaiught but this time the corner did the right thing and retired their man at the end of the round.

Young Heavyweight banger Dynamite Daniel Dubois also endured a relatively frustrating night at the hands of DL Jones. IMG_2994 (1)Jones successfully managed to tie up Dubois for two rounds. Dubois should maybe have jabbed a bit more but eventually started landing with his heavy artillery in the 3rd round where a sustained barrage dropped Jones to a knee and caused the fight to be waived off. That a 3rd round TKO is considered a sketchy performance from Dubois shows what he’s expected to deliver in the ring. A more testing opponent who will fire back is what’s needed although it is apparently very difficult to find one.

Not that difficult really. You just need to know where to look as there was one in the ring a few minutes earlier. Fellow heavyweight prospect Nathan Gorman also had a short night’s work, taking care of Morgan Dessaux inside of two rounds. Can we please have Gorman v Dubois? Both are young, bot have plenty of time to get back on the horse if they were to lose, so why not just make the fight?

Fight of the night was Manchester’s Zelfa Barrett v Dundee’s Ronnie Clark. A much touted prospect and heavy favourite Barret was dragged out of his comfort zone from minute one with a  relentless, two fisted assault from Clark. Barrett had his successes but every time he put together a combination or seemed to be taking control, Clark would regroup and come roaring back. The fight went back and forth until Barrett landed a monster uppercut in the 7th dropping Barrett to the canvas. Barret rose and tried to settle back into his boxing but there was no let up from Clark. The pair went to toe toe for the final couple of rounds as Barrett tried to rescue the fight and Clark met him head on. At the final bell the whole crowd rose to show their appreciation and applaud a deserved with for Clark. The cards read  114-114 and 116-111 twice in Clark’s favour.  Barrett should have learned a huge amount from this fight and a rematch in the not too distant future would seem a sensible option and one that people would be keen to watch.

Archie Sharpe continued his winning streak with a  7th round stoppage of Ivan Ruiz Morote. Morote certainly earned his money but after hitting the deck in the 6th  and shipping a lot of punishment in the 7th, the referee had seen enough. Sharpe is another who could probably do with a more challenging opponent next time out.

REVIEW: York Hall 24.2.18 by Iain Dolan
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