Former Super-Flyweight Commonwealth champion, Anthony “Babyface” Nelson, is set to return to the ring.

Following his first career loss, in the 2016 Fight of the Year, against world title challenger Jamie Conlan, ‘Nella’ took some time out of the ring to assess his love and desire for the sport.  The popular South Shields announced his plans via social media over the weekend.

“Okay so it’s been a while since I last posted anything on here related to my boxing career and my status was “semi-retired” haha. I’ll be honest and say that my hunger for the sport died when I was struggling to find sponsorship and struggled to get by. However the fire inside has been burning and is getting stronger and the hunger is back. I will return to the gym and pick up where we left off.”

He is set to be back in the gym on Monday and trainer Mal Gates will monitor his weight before committing to where his latest campaign will take place.


Anthony Nelson Returns!