IMG_0959Another Saturday afternoon saw British Boxing Blog visit another North East gym.  Or to be more specific, a social club occupied by a team from a gym.  The boxers and coaches from Jobes Gym in Newcastle were running a free open sparring event to drum up interest in the local community.  Now, for those only interested in the glitz and glamour of the sweet science, this will not spark a lot of interest.  For those who actually care about the sport and the opportunities it can produce, this is great news.  Matt Jobes, owner, has recently struck a deal with the Scotswood Social Club to host boxing shows and has also successfully received the necessary approval from the British Boxing Board of Control.  The first of these shows will be on Friday 24th November, so get that in your diaries!

This will allow the gym to work with local promoters to give regular action to several North East boxers and hopefully ease the pressure on those who can’t regularly rely on ticket sales.  There are several great venues across the region but it can often prove difficult for Newcastle based boxers to shift tickets for a show in Durham, Sunderland or Darlington.  With the venue in such close proximity to Jobes Gym, Matt is confident he can also help contribute to sales, thus relieving his charges of having to sell a certain amount of tickets.  He jokingly admitted it doesn’t make great short term business sense, but if it helps to build his prospects and their careers then it could be of benefit over a longer time.Jobes Mark Taylor pads

He did also admit that there would be some predicted profit at the end, which would be reinvested into future shows and the upkeep of the gym.  As we’ve mentioned previously during an episode of Gym Visits, this sort of investment provides great opportunities for the surrounding area as Matt and his team regularly aim to involve people from all walks of life and encourage an equal footing for all those who enter the gym.  Whether hotly tipped professional, budding amateur, absolute novice (I can vouch for this one!) or those looking for a confidence boost, everyone is treated with the same respect and you can be sure that egos are left at the door.

This was clear on Saturday as well as there were all levels participating in padwork demonstrations before the pros took to the ring for their training.  All of the families in attendance enjoyed the day and helped the gym raise awareness and funds.

Jobes Gym Open Day
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