Saul “Canelo” Alvarez v Gennady “GGG Golovkin” – North East boxing predictions.

This weekend’s mega fight in Las Vegas, between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady “GGG Golovkin” is one of the most eagerly anticipated fights that boxing has seen for many years.
With echoes of the great Middleweight bouts of years gone by, this fight sees two fighters at the top of their game put it all on the line for the WBA, WBC and IBF Middleweight titles.
Ahead of this super fight, we have asked many of the leading figures from our native North East boxing scene to give us their views and predictions.
We thank all of the participants for their time, you can see their views below:

Joe Maphosa – 1-0 in professional ranks, fights on Sunday Sept 17th at St James Park, Newcastle
“I’m going to go for a close Canelo win on points, we may even see a Split Decision”

Phil Jeffries – Wearside promoter with next show on 30th September at Hartlepool
“It has to be a GGG win for me, what a great fight this is, much better than the farce of the Mayweather- Macgregor fight. This is a proper fight, not like that pantomime!”

Tom Whitfield – 4-2 Welterweight boxer, fighting out of the Pro Box Gates gym in South Shields
“It’s a really tough fight to call, I keep changing my mind but I’m going to go for GGG as I think Canelo will have to try and outbox him and that won’t suit him”

Mal Gates – chief boxing trainer at Pro Box Gates gym in South Shields
“If GGG doesn’t get him out of there then I fancy Canelo to outpoint him, speed is the key in this fight for me”

Karl Greenwood – British Boxing Board of Control official
“I think Canelo can win if he’s smart. He needs to stay off the ropes and out of the corners, invest in the body early on and try to take the sting out of GGG’s legs and shots. He needs to fight in short bursts, picking his moments without getting too greedy in the pocket. Doing all of this, will in my opinion, see him through to a points victory. I’m hoping for a classic!”

Chris Clayton – Nutrionist at Fighting Chance Promotions
“It’s a fascinating fight between two special fighters and demonstrates what boxing is really all about. I see the power of GGG being a huge factor in this fight and a late stoppage win for him will get a quid or 2 from me”

Isaac Macleod – unbeaten Welterweight from Sunderland, fighting on the Smith v Skoglund undercard this Saturday.
“I fancy Canelo to win, I think it’ll be a very good fight. Yes, GGG is a very hard hitter, but you’re only as good as who’s in front of you and he hasn’t boxed anyone as good as Canelo.”

Matt Jobes – head of Jobes Boxing Gym in Newcastle
“I think the natural power of GGG will be a little too much for Canelo. I think if GGG sticks to single shots then Canelo will counter punch with combinations and be ahead of points. I think that as the fight progresses, GGG’s power will be too much and he will win the fight. This is a real fight. I love both boxers, so the public are definitely winners with this one”

Peter Cope – Lightweight contender from Hartlepool
“I’m going for Canelo, I think his speed, movement and punch variety wins a real hard fight. Quality fight though!”

Daniel Cope – former Northern Area welterweight champion from Hartlepool
“I fancy Canelo for this one, I think he’s caught GGG at the right time. He’s waited a few years and got the fight at the time he thinks he can beat him, possibly by KO. But GGG is still a machine and could knock Canelo out, a genuine 50/50 fight.”

Darren Richardson – unbeaten super-lightweight from Co.Durham
“I’ve got to fancy GGG to win this one, I think he’ll be too strong and powerful for Canelo”

Tommy Ward – British super-bantamweight champion
“I strongly Canelo to win this one all day, he’s too good of a counterpuncher, he’s fast, powerful and I think he’ll outbox GGG. My money is going on Canelo”

Troy Williamson – 4-0 middleweight from Darlington.
“I’m going for a Canelo points victory on this one!”

Steve Wraith – Head of Wraith Promotions, promoting “Showdown at St James II” in Newcastle on Sunday
“I have been in two minds about this fight because I am a big fan of GGG. They have managed to stay apart, as happens in boxing but now they are on a collision course, and I feel that although my heart says GGG, Canelo is going to throw up too many challenges for him. GGG has never come across an opponent like this and I expect a result within 8 rounds”

Stu Armstrong – owner of “Stu Armstrong media”
“On paper, you would expect Canelo to win this fight. He’s 8 years younger but also more experienced in terms of pro fights than GGG, with his only loss coming against Floyd Mayweather. As opposed to Golovkin who has 37 wins out of 37 fights with 33 KO’s. On paper Canelo wins, but they are not fighting on paper so my prediction is a Golovkin win between rounds 6-9. I don’t think Canelo has ever been hit as hard as Golovkin can hit, so for me it’s Golovkin by stoppage. However I predict that this will be an explosive fight with Canelo trying hard for the KO in the early rounds.”

Michael Charlton – Boxing Coach at ‘Seconds Out’ Boxing Academy
“I think GGG will be too strong and stop him in round 9. I’m actually sat with Elliot Foster (boxing journalist- @freelancefoz) and he says Canelo on points but he’s going to have to get off the floor to win.”

Darren Reay – 2-0 super-lightweight signed to Fighting Chance Promotions
“It’s a really hard fight to call. GGG hasn’t really had the big fights and fought on the big stage, bar maybe the Brook fight, in which he looked nervous early on and was easy to hit, similar to the Jacobs fight where he also got caught a lot. I had Jacobs winning that fight. If it’s similar to that fight then I see Canelo making a massive statement and beating him with a late stoppage. I hope this is the outcome as I love the way Canelo fights and I think they have timed the Golovkin fight very well.”

Jake Swinburn – Fighting Chance media man
“I think GGG will win on points. He will go in, establish the jab and work behind that so as not to give Canelo early chances to counter then he will start to find his power shots in the later rounds.”

Andy Buchanan – former middleweight boxer, now commentator.
“I’m going to go out on a limb and say Canelo to win this. I think I always underestimate him and he’s getting better and better since the Mayweather fight. I’m a big fan of GGG as well but I’ve got a feeling it’s Alvarez UD”

Phil Lindsay – Peep Magazine
“Gennady Golovkin v Saul Canelo Alvarez is potentially a fight for the ages. It is rare for
two P4P ranked fighters to fight each other and given their fighting styles and attributes, it virtually
guarantees to be a classic for as long as it lasts.

The fight has been talked about for some time and many fans have changed their views on how they
see the fight going, largely down to Golovkins previous couple of fights against Kell Brook and last
time out against Danny Jacobs, where the previously unbeatable Golovkin looked like he may be
on a slight decline.

Golovkin is now 35 years old and with Canelo aged 27, it is understandable why
people are giving the Mexican a better chance of winning than they did a couple of years ago.
Although I do believe Canelo has improved since his sole defeat to Floyd Mayweather in 2013, his
most recent successes have not been against the elite level and therefore it could be argued that
Canelo hasn’t necessarily closed the gap against GGG as much as some believe. In most of his
fights, Canelo has gone in with size advantages against his opponents and that will not be the case
against GGG. There are questions of any fighter who is in their mid-lates having the stamina at the highest level and their ability to fight for 3 minutes of every round. Golovkin may need to alter
his tactics accordingly to take some rounds off so that he can fight with the necessary intensity for
him to force the fight and win the rounds clearly.

I am a fan of both fighters but I am sticking to my original belief that GGG will get the win. Jacobs
fought the perfect fight against him and although I think Alvarez is capable of boxing on the back
foot, it would go against the typical Mexican fighting style which has brought him huge success and
a massive standing in the sport. My main concern for Golovkin is that Alvarez may cause damage
with body shots. His chin seems to be teak tough and even if Alvarez is able to stop Golovkin, he
may be able to slow him down enough in the second half of the fight to help him get the rounds he

I also think that if the fight goes the distance, it will be a lot more likely that Alvarez will get the
decision, possibly controversial, or even a draw. For Golovkin to get the win on points, I feel he
would need to win enough rounds convincingly so that there’s no way for any of the judges to give Canelo any favours. After all, boxing is the most corruptible sport when it comes to decisions and we’ve all seen some stinkers over the years. I think Golovkin’s team will be aware of this possibility
and if the fight is close as it approaches the last few rounds, we may see Golovkin gamble and
really press for the knockout. I expect the first couple of rounds to be a little cagey as both men feel
each other out but once the first really solid blow is landed, then we will see fireworks.

Prediction – Golovkin to win by stoppage in the championship rounds.”

Canelo v Golovkin – North East predictions