Lesson learned: I’m not as fit as I thought!

It hasn’t quit been a week since the inaugural entry into my Fight Diary but I have experienced the first official training session at Darlington Boxing and MMA. During the meeting, one of the organisers advised it would be tough and specifically mentioned ‘boxercise’ classes. I can hear all the boxers out there sniggering already! Now, Paul basically said that they’re no good and nowhere near the level of preparation needed. While I imagine this is true, especially of the later sessions and working towards actually boxing, the opening training class wasn’t too different from my experience of boxercise. Admittedly, my only experience of boxercise is ran by a pro boxer, shoutout to Neil Hepper at this point, so there will naturally be similarities.

The class began as the meeting did, with lots of people standing round trying to eye each other up and down. Maybe that’s just me! It’s a surreal feeling knowing you’re going to be trading leather with another member of the group.

The actual exercise started with a bit of jogging (something I was relatively comfortable with) interspersed with star jumps and press-ups. Once this bit of road work was done, we were back inside and the gloves were on. We had to find a partner of similar size, again cue potential opponents, for some padwork. I was slightly surprised at the lack of technical advice initially. We started off with a simple enough 1-2 and footwork was explained. I suppose that with such a large number of people, it will take time for them to instruct, and assess, each of us individually. Of course, there is a small chance I was doing ok and didn’t need correcting. Possibly…

Following the 1-2, we took turns delivering a few other combinations at our partners and taking them back in turn. One involved keeping a tight guard and taking punches on gloves. No where near the intensity of sparring or fight night, but a good introduction to seeing punches coming and feeling them against your head. There was also an example of parrying shots before we ventured back outside for some more fitness work.

This came in the form of shuttles. We had to sprint short distance, perform a variety of burpees, squat thrusts, lunges, press ups and squats. Someone had suggested the bleep test and Mick, the trainer, replied this would be harder than the bleep test. It was! It separated the fit from the unfit, put it that way! Our final activity was a glorified game of tig. One versus one. In a small parking bay with the aim to tag your partner’s legs. Amazing how competitive and exhausting this could be with the forfeit of a burpee thrown in for every tag you received.

All in all, it was a tough but doable welcome to white collar boxing. I’m aching as I type this and no doubt will be for days (weeks?) to come. I’ve got until tomorrow to hopefully be ready for Round 2.

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