Fight week for GGG can only mean one thing.  Fight week for Scottish heavyweight Jay “Kidd Dynamite” McFarlane of course.  The teenage sensation travels to New York City to take his place on the Gennady Golovkin – Daniel Jacobs undercard at Madison Square Garden.  We caught up with him before he departed to get his thoughts on the occasion and boxing in general.

British Boxing Blog – We were in the gym with you a while back, before your pro debut. How frustrating was it that the chance to make your bow on a world heavyweight title fight (Fury-Klitschko II) didn’t happen?

Jay McFarlane – Everything happens for a reason, and I am actually glad in away as I got to sure such an emotional and important moment in my life in my hometown with my home crowd

BBB – Can you tell us a bit about your amateur pedigree? How did you get into boxing? What was the rush to turn pro so young?

JM – My amateur career was the longest having on 16 but being a super-heavyweight since the age of 13 it was a struggle to find opponents, leading my to eventually stumble into the unlicensed scene where I showed a lot of class and discussed with now my managers Sam kynoch and William storey to turn over to the paid ranks, there was no rush to turn pro I just feel I am ready to start my career and goals of writing my name in the boxing history books

BBB – As Britain’s youngest heavyweight, do you feel any additional pressure (you don’t seem the type to be bothered by it to be honest)?

JM – I feel a lot pressure, the reason it doesn’t bother me is because I let it fuel me

BBB – You’ve made a lightening start to your career with 2 stoppage wins within a couple of months of each other. Is that how you imagined it going?

JM – I am grateful for the the two fights straight away what I needed to keep me on my toes over, I wasn’t expecting to be so close together but I am so happy they were as the bottom line is, I love to fight and more time I get in the ring the better, please keep them coming

BBB – Just how much of an impact does the MTK team have on your career? How much do you value their support?

JM – I am co-managed by MTK and I have had my first two bouts on MTK Scotland events so I would say a very great impact, I value all the support I get off of anyone as you need it in this game

BBB – Not many people might know this, but you have a tenuous link to the North East. As one of your sponsors, Rich Energy, supported a Newcastle Legends match last year. How much did you enjoy that event?

JM – Yes, I have made good friends with promoter Steve wraith from the North East, very nice man and a great friend to have in this sport, I love going to the sponsored events it makes you feel important for a day

BBB – What can you tell us about Rich Energy? How big a boost is it to have such a company support you in addition to your backing from MTK?

JM – Rich Energy are incredibly supportive of me they got me through my medical paid for equipment, can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me

BBB – Next up is Madison Square Garden. Not many UK boxers get to experience that through their whole career, never mind in their third bout. How is preparation ahead of the trip?

JM – Being the only UK fighter on the card mean I NEED to bring back the win for us I’ll be over there flying my flag as usual, my preparation has been excellent can’t thank Cruel Johno, Gary Jacobs and Sam Kynock enough for the hours of graft they have put in the MTK Scotland gym with me, also Ally and Gordan at Activ Gym Scotland who had been working on my movements, strength and conditioning, feeling in great form

BBB – Is the opportunity to feature on a Golovkin undercard something you’d envisaged? How highly do you rate him?

JM – The way I see it Golovkin is currently the best fighter on the planet, to be involved with a card of such magnitude is a dream, truly incredible and above all humbling

BBB – Are there any boxers you’d consider role models (active or past)?

JM – My one role model in boxing is Jack Dempsey “The Manassa Mauler” , a small heavyweight from the 1920’s I’ve been watching his videos since a young age and was just inspired by the way he was just fearless and would chop down all these bigger men like a lumberjack among trees he was incredible.


As ever we would like to thank our interviewee, in this case Jay, for his time and incredibly detailed and thought out answers.  We both also like to wish him the very best ahead of his trip across the Atlantic.

Kidd Dynamite Q&A
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