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This interview has been a long time coming.  As our main base of operations, outside the website itself, is currently Twitter, it was only natural that we would speak to a boxer who admits the social media platform has been brilliant for his career.  However, David “The White Rhino” Allen had some wise words for any prospective boxers looking to advance their careers through online boasts.

“From personal experience, without Twitter, would I be in the position I am now? Probably not to be honest.  I can box.  I am a good boxer but I’d have just been stuck on small hall shows waiting for my chance.  I wouldn’t have got my chance without talking a lot of rubbish on the internet!  The thing is though I wouldn’t say to anyone ‘Go on social media and do this or do that’ because if it doesn’t come naturally to you… I didn’t foresee that I was going on the internet and going to do what I do.  People like it and it snowballed into what it is today.

I don’t see them [his Twitter followers] as fans really.  I used to tweet famous boxers, I’m not famous, but I used to tweet boxers so I can understand but for me, I’m just little David Allen from Doncaster.  It is nice.  I do enjoy it but at the same time it’s weird because I’m just me.”

David has been on other side of the fence recently, or at least the other side of the ring.  Being the away boxer on Matchroom shows isn’t something that phased him, yet he appeared in good spirits ahead of his clash with Lukasz Rusiewicz.  Even if he was surprised by the size of the Pole!

“I’ve seen a little bit of him.  I hadn’t heard of him until last week until he got announce.  He’s a lot bigger than I thought but it’s a routine comeback fight.  I’ve got to be switched on.  I’m confident in the win but I need to look good doing it.  That’s what Eddie’s talked to me about.  So I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve had four fights on Matchroom shows.  I’ve had the last two (defeats to Dillian Whyte and Luis Ortiz) before that was the French champion and Jason Gavern.  None of them have been particularly easy, so this is the first real routine one.  The Gavern fight was a bit dangerous because I was inexperienced.  Aurieng, the French champion, nearly beat me.  So obviously he (Rusiewicz) is routine but I can’t be thinking like that because the fella’s quite big!”

We often extend our thanks to boxers for speaking to us, and we sincerely mean it, however today is slightly different.  David was an absolute pleasure to speak to and we wish all the very best for tomorrow, and his future. On which he had to say:

“I think I’m going to win the British title or be Commonwealth champion by the end of this year.  It’s wide open.  Now the likes of Dillian Whyte have moved on above domestic level.  David Price is finished.  Everyone else, Fury, Joshua, the rest of them they’re all world level.  That leaves me, Sexton, Cornish, Lewison and that and I believe I beat all of them.  I’m the youngest, freshest and the best out of them.”

BBB speaks exclusively to David Allen
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