Daniel Cope is the 26 year old Northern Area Welterweight Champion from Hartlepool with a 6-1 professional record. He fights on March 4th at Rainton Meadows Arena in a non title contest.


BBB – Hi Dan, cheers for taking the time to do this mate.

BBB1) A lot has changed since we last spoke to you mate. To be precise, you’ve won the Northern Area Welterweight title, signed promotional terms with Phil Jeffries and changed trainers to join Neil Fannan. It seems like all the pieces are coming together in terms of your career – how pleased are you with your progress over the last few months

DC Yes a lot has changed.. I am working with Fanno (Neil Fannan) and Phil Jeffries and i’m over the moon. I’m really enjoying my boxing again and learning still everyday with Fanno in the gym i’m pleased with how it’s all going.


BBB – 2) Take us back to your last fight please, when you beat your rival Tom Whitfield to win the Northern Area title. Just how much did that night mean to you? Not only to win the belt but also to level the score with Tom?

DC –  It was the best night of my boxing career to date. I was pleased to finally get the rematch and i was over the moon to win the belt and get the revenge over Tom. 


BBB – 3) Your two fights with Tom Whitfield have both captured the imagination of North East fight fans, what do you think it is about the pair of you that really sets alight? You must have a lot of respect for Tom? And can we expect a trilogy in future?

DC – I don’t know what it is but our styles just seem to catch fire and I think it would always be a good fight. Tom is a good awkward fighter; I don’t know about the 3rd fight; they said they wanted it but nothing ever came of it. I don’t really need Tom to move forward in my career but you never know what will happen in the future. 


BBB –4) Looking ahead now, you are scheduled to fight on March 4th on Phil Jeffries’ show at Rainton Meadows. Will this be a four rounder to tick over ahead of your Northern Area defence?

DC – Yes it will be just a 4 rounder to tick over and just keep busy


BBB – 5)  Speaking of your Northern Area defence…there has been talk on social media that you will fight Billy Snaith in Darlington in April. Can you confirm this is the case, regardless of Billy’s result against Tom Whitfield in March?

DC – Yes that is definitely happening against Billy, regardless of the outcome with him and Tom as they are fighting at light middle on March 11th. 


BBB – 6) How do you rate Billy as a fighter? Is it a fight you’ll be confident of winning?

DC – Yes Billy is a decent fighter, but his natural fighting weight is 11stone. It will take a lot out of him over the longer rounds at 10.7.  I am very confident of winning this fight.


BBB – 7) Will you be keeping a close eye on Billy Snaith v Tom Whitfield on March 11th? Can we press you for a prediction on that one?

DC – Yes I’ll be there watching on march 11th.. I think it will be a good fight. 11 stone is Billy’s natural weight so he will have the strength, but Tom is a clever boxer so it will all depend on the night.  I wish both lads well.


BBB – 8) How healthy is it for North East boxing that local rivals such as yourself, Billy and Tom are willing to fight one another in all North East, 50-50 clashes?

DC – It’s good for the fans to see exciting fights. They spend there hard earned money to come and watch so thy need value for money. 


BBB – 9) Speak to us about your brothers mate, how are they getting on? What’s next on the agenda for Peter and we hear Luke has had some success in the amateurs lately too?

DC – They are all good Peter is out in March as well, ticking over and hopefully the English title for him this year. Luke is the 60kilo English champ at the minute and Adam has got the ABAS this year. Then I have another brother Joe who is just starting out but is one to watch out for.. so it’s going well for us all at the minute. 


BBB- 10) And finally, what are your aims for the rest of 2017? If we speak to you in 12 months time, where would you hope to be in terms of your career?

DC – I’ll be defending my title a few times then I’ll  move on. But I just leave that up to Fanno, he will know when i’m ready so I just do as I am told.


BBB – Great speaking to you again mate, thanks for taking the time to do it.

DC – Thank you mate I’ll see you both on the 4th March


You can follow Dan’s boxing journey on twitter: @Danielcope1

Dan Cope Q&A
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