We saw the professional debut of our latest Q&A entrant back in June.  After winning every round comfortably, and with a stellar amateur background we are definitely tipping Brandon Daord to have a big future in the pro game.  Read on to find out his thoughts on that future and his amateur success.

British Boxing Blog – Tell us about your boxing background please. How did you get in to the sport? 

Brandon Daord – Well I always loved fighting as a kid and did nearly every contact sport but most you were allowed face contact and that was all that I loved to do! So when my granddad took me to his boxing gym for the first time, it just fitted perfectly and felt right so I adapted and here I am.

BBB – We saw your debut against Sergey Tasimov on the MGM Manchester show on 18th June. You boxed impressively and won on points. Tell us about your thoughts, looking back on that fight?

BD – To be honest at any point in that fight I could of took him out but was adapting to the professional game, so I thought I just get the rounds i. My next fight will be a lot different because I know what to expect now.

BBB – You’ve turned pro at a relatively young age (19), why did you turn over so early?

BD – Well I had already done almost everything you could do as an amateur because I started so early. I won the Welsh title at age 10. And I wouldn’t say I’m a slow starter but the amateur game is just so rushed you are just throwing shots to get point and not really thinking about quality but I do. I think quality is everything.  I wasn’t really fazed or bothered about the Olympics but when I got that bronze in the Commonwealth Youth Games that was it. I knew I wanted to turn over, I was ready to. I think if you wait to turn over to later you can go stale as your body has to a lot of punishment so turn before your sell by dates over!

BBB – Tell us about your amateur career please, what were the highlights of your time in the unpaid ranks?

BD – I wouldn’t know where to start but I know my amateur career took off when I left my old gym (The Venture) and went to the Everton Red Triangle before I ended up on GB winning things I’d never dreamed I’d win but the best moment was probably the Commonwealth.

BBB –  Where are you training currently? Who is training you and who do you train alongside?

BD – I train in the Everton Red Triangle alongside Jazza Dickens, Kevin Satchel, Steven Lewis, Ryan Farrag and Johnny Quigley.

BBB – You must be really pleased with the set-up of MGM Liverpool. How important is it to you to have regular fights in your home city of Liverpool?

BD – Very. I love the city, it’s boss like a family and the fan base is amazing! I don’t think any crowd is better to have screaming  your name than a Scouse crowd! Goosebumps!

BBB – What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, away from the gym and the ring?

BD – Fishing, shopping, anything’s good when you earn your time away from the gym.

BBB – Which other young boxer from Merseyside do you believe we should keep an eye on during the remainder of 2016?

BD – I don’t know any!

BBB – And finally, what are your aims for the rest of 2016 and beyond as a pro boxer?

BD – Win the WBC world title; make it on to a [American promoter] Golden Boy show and to just show the talent of the next generation.

Q&A – Brandon Daord