The latest instalment of our Q&A session sees us venture from the North East scene to speak to Wiltshire based Super-Middleweight Jamie Cox.  This is a man who firmly believes in his abilities and that he should be mixing with the elite.  He has had to show great patience so far in his professional career but could the world title he craves be just around the corner?  Read on to find out his thoughts…


British Boxing Blog – How did you first get into the sport?


Jamie Cox – I got into boxing as I was very hyper and watched Tyson vs Bruno on tv when I was a child. Me Ma wouldn’t let me go and after a few fights at school I got introduced to the amateur trainer and then became addicted to the training. 


BBB – You had a very successful amateur career, can you describe what it was like winning a Commonwealth Gold Medal?


JC – It was a great feeling to win gold in Australia. Seems along time ago now. But good achievement I made my family proud most importantly. 


BBB – Do you watch much boxing in your spare time? Who are your boxing idols?


JC – I watch some boxing in my spare time if it’s exciting fighters. I.e at the moment LINARES I think is exciting and couple others. But CALZAGHE always been the idol in my family. 


BBB – There has been a lot made about moving up in weight recently, how did you find it? Was it necessary?


JC – Yes JOHN COSTELLO my trainer wasn’t happy that I always boiled down. So he said just go with the weight that you are at as I was doing well in training. He said my performance would be better. John has a great eye for boxing and I trust his descion, so did it and feel so explosive all the SM feel like slow motion to me. 


BBB – You’ve definitely brought your power from welter to super middle, do you believe you’ve been avoided by some of the ‘bigger’ names?


JC – We have definitely been avoided. We train twice as hard as the champions and the actions say it all FRANK WARREN will give you the list of names that he has tried to make fights with to no avail.


BBB – How do you rate the other British supermiddleweights? Callum Smith, James Degale, George Groves and Rocky Fielding.


JC – The top fighters in the division are all good. But we bring what they don’t want smart hard boxing at a very hard pace. JAMES DEGALE is the best at the minute at 168. We beat them all no question about it. 


BBB – Who do you think is the best current boxer in the world?




BBB – Where do you see yourself in 12 months time?


JC – I see myself as world champion.


Big thanks to Jamie for taking the time to speak to us and we certainly wouldn’t bet against him becoming another of the British world champions.

Q&A – Jamie Cox