It’s not every day you get to speak to the trainer of the Heavyweight champion of the world but that’s what one half of British Boxing Blog got to do today. Having spoken to Peter Fury this afternoon, I can confirm the man is an absolute gent and we really appreciate him taking time out of his busy schedule to give us his thoughts on Fury’s Tyson and Hughie, the Heavyweight division and recent Olympic developments.

On how training is going ahead of Tyson’s upcoming rematch against Wladimir Klitschko:

We are well into training now and everything is going well. We are sticking at it and doing what we do. I wouldn’t be [confident] if he was getting dropped by a light-heavyweight. That’s a load of crap! Basically I’m very happy with the progression and it’s going to plan.

And on Tyson’s antics possibly affecting his preparation:

Nothing to do with it.

On Klitschko potentially bringing a different approach:

He will be training to do things differently so there is no reason why he shouldn’t. so I think he will bring something different and it’ll be a lot better fight. It’s going to be interesting. I think it’ll be a lot more competitive. There’ll be a lot more aggression. He’s going to bring it this time. Well hopefully, if he brings it and he wants to fight back it’ll turn ignite and turn into a good fight.

On Hughie Fury’s recent health problems and his career progression so far:

Hughie’s ok. His skin’s healing very good on the medication. He’s ticking over and enjoying his training. He’s now got used to the tablets so he’s starting to up his training. He is still getting over his cut so we are not letting him spar just yet. Everything is going to plan with him, everything is going well. The main thing is getting the infections healed up on his body, the acne.

He’s a good professional lad, he knows what needs to be done in the ring it’s just frustrating he’s never been able to bring his A-game for a number of his fights because of the infections he’s had in his body, in his blood (because of the open sores on his body). It’s infected his bloodstream and every time he trains his immune system goes through the floor. So he’s happy that he has finally got to the bottom of it and the medication is working brilliantly. He’s in a good place at the moment because he can’t wait to get in the mix and show the people what he can do.

I think he’s beyond British level, he’s number 6 in the world. The people he’s fought are above British level anyway so he’s well beyond the British level scene. 100% we will [aim for the British title] but like I said I’m not negotiating any big fights for him, any career moves forward, until he’s fully healthy. Once he gets healthy, British titles, whatever we are happy to take any fight. As long as he’s healthy it’s not a problem.

On Tyson facing any of the other champions or David Haye:

Wilder, Joshua yes for sure. We are going to sit down with Mick Hennessy and Frank Warren and see where the next move goes. I’m very interested in taking out the best and, at the moment, I see Wilder as right up there. That would be a major fight between him and Tyson after Klitschko, all being well.

On working with other promoters:

We’re fantastic. You know, Frank Warren is the broadcasting side so it’s great. Everybody gets along fine and we’ve got a good team going forward. I’m very, very happy with Frank and his team and Mick Hennessy so we can concentrate on what we do best and that’s fighting.

On professionals competing in the Olympics:

It’s not really my thing. I like the Olympics to be what they are. I’m not really keen on changing long traditions. I think amateur boxing is great. I can understand both sides of it, it’s just my opinion. It’s nice for them to aim to win a gold and have a lovely professional career after it. Not for it to be an open book for professionals to go in and do it as well.

Interview – Peter Fury